Middle East Map

Forecasting the Middle East for 2023

"The trajectory of rising discontent driven by economic pressures is the other critical development to watch. Whether such discontent leads to a renewed wave of Arab-spring-like movements against incumbent regimes, or remains as isolated cases of protest is difficult to predict, however."  Karim Haggag, professor of practice and director of Middle East Studies shares his views on forcasting the middle east for 2023. 

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media training EHUB

EHUB Training Media Professionals on Migration

CMRS, in the framework of the EHUB, recently organized a five days training program at AUC Tahrir Campus in December directed towards media personnel. The training was designed to provide an opportunity for professionals in media and communications to gain knowledge about the field of migration, covering a wide range of topics, including an introduction to migration terminologies, policy frameworks and key players, Egyptian Migration: Volumes and Destinations, Migration Governance Frameworks as well as Introduction to Refugee Law. 

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Map of Middle East with Republican and Democrat symbols

Business as Usual? The Past, Present and Future of Biden's Middle East Policy

As the U.S. midterm elections passed this November it remains clear that the U.S. public is deeply divided by partisan lines.

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Abd El-Megid in her feature video

Gender and Climate: The Importance of Intersectionality

As climate change continues to degrade the environment, disrupt people’s livelihoods and threaten social stability, it has become increasingly important to analyze its impacts and solutions through an intersectional lens.

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Smiling lady and man in suits

Decolonization of Knowledge

Noha El-Mikawy, Dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, chats with Alasdair Roberts, inaugural director of the School of Public Policy at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, as well as Jocelyne Bourgon, visiting scholar at the Canada School of Public Service on the Decolonization of Knowledge Production. 

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The Public Policy and Administration Department (PPAD) organized the 11th meeting of the the Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA)

The Public Policy and Administration Department organized the eleventh meeting of the the Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration

The Public Policy and Administration Department (PPAD) organized the eleventh meeting of the Association for Middle Eastern Public Policy and Administration (AMEPPA) on December 9-10, 2022. 

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World cup trophy on a football field

Qatar on the Global Stage: Faculty Insight into the FIFA World Cup 2022

Qatar is the first Arab country to host the FIFA World Cup, thrusting it into the global spotlight. Hosting has given Qatar the opportunity to grow its influence in the region and build a reputation internationally, but it has also brought criticism and controversy.

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Peace written on a sign held up in a crowd

War in Ukraine: Are Peace Negotiations on the Horizon?

As the Russia-Ukraine war continues to decimate Ukrainian cities and the lives of people on both sides of the conflict, as well as the global economy, News@AUC spoke to Ibrahim Awad, professor of practice of global affairs and director of AUC’s Center for Migration and Refugee Studies, about the latest developments, recent calls for negotiations and ultimately, the way forward.

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Dean Noha with Vera

Finance for Climate Action

Noha El-Mikawy, dean of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, chats with Vera Songwe, a nonresident senior fellow at Global Economy and Development, Africa Growth Initiative, and former under-secretary general at the United Nations (UN) and executive secretary of the UN Economic Commission for Africa on the Finance for Climate Action report how emerging market economies can fill the fiscal constraints and the impact of Climate Change.

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AUCTV covers COP27 activities

AUCTV Covers COP27 Activities

The American University in Cairo's (AUC) TV team participated in COP-27 through comprehensive media coverage of the activities in the Green Zone and the AUC Pavilion. Ranging from coverage of the University's presentations and contributions to a sustainable environment and up to conducting interviews with prominent figures within the AUC community.

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Twitter Logo with glitch effect

Twitter Troubles: Faculty Insight

Fake, verified Twitter accounts caused chaos after Elon Musk, who purchased the platform in October for $44 billion, allowed users to purchase verification marks without confirming their identities.

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Adham center@COP27

Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism@COP27

The Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism had an active role in representing GAPP and AUC at COP27 in Sharm El Sheikh. The Center's participation encompassed three elements, including extensive coverage by AUCTV, the display of student work relating to climate change, as well as a panel on "Communicating Climate Change in the Arab World and Beyond" with Hussein Amin, center director and professor of journalism, Rasha Allam, associate chair and professor of JRMC and Sarah El-Shaarawi, Arab Media and Society Managing Editor.

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Department of Journalism and Mass Communication@COP27

Rasha Allam, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication associate chair and professor, participated in the COP27 conference in Sharm EL Sheikh, as part of the AUC delegation, through a panel titled “Media and the Environment”. Allam’s presented a paper titled “Solution Journalism and Climate Coverage” where she introduced the concept of solution journalism and its role in dealing with the challenges faced from climate change.  The panel took place at the AUC Pavilion stage.

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With Public Policy Papers and Animation Videos, The Public Policy HUB Participates in COP27

Public Policy HUB Participates in COP27 with Policy Papers and Animation Videos.

As part of the AUC’s delegation to COP27, Laila El Baradei, Public Policy HUB Principal Investigator, presented a brief about the work of the HUB and the current round of operation focusing on Climate Change.

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Department of Public Policy and Administration@COP27

Department of Public Policy and Administration (PPAD), is having a strong presence at the AUC Pavillon at COP27, with a number of public policy faculty members and students presenting. The first PPAD faculty to present was Rana Hendy, assistant professor and director of master's in public policy (MPP)  on How climate change is projected to have an impact on jobs in Egypt.

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