Cairo Media Conference photo of the stage panelist

Cairo Media Conference 3

The Department of Journalism and Mass Communication partnered once again with OsloMet University, Norway to host a two-day conference to bring together journalism and media professionals, students, and academics - ranging from decision-makers and editors to social media influencers - to discuss and explore solutions to ever-changing realities they face.

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Professor Shariha S. Fahmy in school of GAPP

Professor Shahira S. Fahmy participates in a training course on mediation for the Arab Women Mediators Network

Fahmy spoke about the role of media and soft power in promoting Arab women's participation in peace processes at a training course organized for the members of the Arab Women Mediators Network - affiliated to the League of Arab States.

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AUC library building

Adjunct Faculty Salma ElGhetany twice as a Judge in 2021

ElGhetany will serve as a judge for the 2021 Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Festival of Media Arts's international competition. This is the second year for this category in the annual festival, as well has her second year as a Judge in the competition.

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A masked woman holding a camera

Capturing the Invisible: Photojournalism during COVID-19

COVID-19 has created both a challenge and a reckoning for contemporary photojournalists to find creative and conceptual methods to continue narrative storytelling. Nearly two years since the onset of the pandemic, photojournalists, whose jobs were once focused on documenting world events as they happened, are caught between continuing that style of work or adapting to the new conditions.  

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JRMC Student Winners

Two Multimedia Journalism Majors Win Distinguished Awards for Audio Features

At the Broadcast Education Association (BEA)’s On-Location Creative Competition, senior Maya Abouelnasr and Bassel Hanna ‘21, both multimedia journalism majors, took home awards for their audio features: Abouelnasr’s "The Musical Magic and Scorched Legacy of Cairo's Khedivial Royal Opera House" won Best of Show, while Hanna's

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Salima Ikram

AUC's Salima Ikram Involved in Major Mummy Finding That May Alter History

A mummy suspected to belong to an ancient nobleman, discovered in 2019 by a Charles University archaeological mission led by archaeologist Mohamed Megahed, Charles University, Czech Republic, and including Salima Ikram (YAB '86), distinguished University professor of Egyptology, may actually date back 1,000 years earlier than initially believed, a fact that could drastically change the history of mummification. Since the discovery was announced, it has been picked up by news outlets across the globe.

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Sarah Seif

The Sarah Seif Foundation

Adjunct Faculty Sarah Seif launched, on September 29, the Sarah Seif Foundation, a media youth empowerment foundation that aims to develop and empower careers for youth in the media and communications. The foundation activities include career guidance, career consultations, capacity building programs, career recruitment services and on a later stage, media/communications innovations support and funding.

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El Habbasa Title Screen Dania Elmor

AUC alumna's film wins award at Women Over Fifty Film Festival 2021

A short film by Dania Elmor (MA ‘(20) has won an award for Best Student Film and will be screened at the UK’s 2021 Women Over Fifty Film Festival (WOFFF). “El Habbasa” (Fishing Net) will join 56 other short films from more than 20 countries for online and in-person screenings.

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JRMC Faculty Participate in AEJMC Conference

JRMC faculty were well represented in the recent annual convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC).

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Cover of journal of Public Relations Research

Muslim American Advocacy

Brian J. Bowe recently published a new co-authored study about Muslim American advocacy in the Q1 Journal of public relations research. The article, “An appeal to shared values: framing and moral persuasion in the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ press releases,” was co-authored with Derek Moscato of Western Washington University and Mariam Alkazemi of Virginia Commonwealth University. 

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photo of participants hands in a workshop

Conclusion of the ‘Can Do Refugees’ Project

AUC is happy to announce the conclusion of the Erasmus+ funded “Can Do Refugees” program that started in 2018. The project aimed at supporting and empowering professionals and volunteers working with refugees, asylum seekers, and more generally, people with a migrational background through practical tools and innovative methods to enhance professional development in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies.  

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Alumni Shine at Egypt's Entrepreneur Awards

AUC's alumni left their mark at Egypt's Entrepreneur Awards, taking home a number of awards. The event is held to honor the country's brightest entrepreneurs. You can find the full list of awardees here.    Best Egyptian Product: Salah El-Dardir '12 CLEO Pharmaceutical Industries 

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Memes and the #MeToo Movement: Wrong or Right?

“Disclosing personal experiences online can be described as a form of online activism or even cyber justice, where victims and survivors can use informal digital spaces to raise awareness around sexual violence and rape culture,” said Shahira Fahmy, professor of journalism and mass communication, who analyzed tweets, posts and memes on Twitter related to the #MeToo social movement. 

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lobna abdalla

Improving the Lives of the Many Through Education at AUC

“Four years ago, I had a dream to study at AUC. After one year, this dream came true, and I started my master's degree at the University,” said Lobna Abdalla, Master of Public Policy graduate student and recipient of the Yousef Jameel Public Leadership Program fellowship. “I felt like AUC stands as a crossroad for learning, challenges, ambition, passion, success and distinction. I was correct.”

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video conference in progress

Public Policy Hub Third Annual Conference

For the third year in a row, The Public Policy HUB organized its third annual conference, on the 26th and the 27th of June; to culminate the work of more than 40 young policy researchers over the course of 7 months.  The Public Policy Hub is an initiative housed at the School of GAPP aiming at the development of public policy analysis and communication skills among young scholars in Egypt. It goes by the motto: “Where rigor meets creativity”. It is directed by Laila El Baradei and Shahjahan Bhuiyan from the PPAD department. 

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