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Professional Development Program (PDP)

professor explaining to students media equipment

About Professional Development Program 

The professional development program (PDP) offered by the Kamal Adham Center for Television and Digital Journalism is designed for those who are currently working or striving to work in television journalism, advertising or other professional activities directly related to television journalism.

Program courses are offered in flexible formats to accommodate the needs of working professionals.
The content of the courses offered is both theoretical and practical, with more concentration on the practical workshops. 
The center's instructors for this program have both academic and professional experience in the field of television journalism.

The PDP offers three programs:
Online Digital Media Diploma (DMD)

The DMD is the first online diploma in digital media, taught in Arabic and accredited by a university in the MENA region.

More About Online Digital Media Diploma

Open Enrollment

Open Enrollment regularly offers individual courses for those wishing to receive intensive, professional training and education in the field of television and digital journalism.

More About Individual Courses

Tailored Programs 

The PDP offers tailored programs for organizations upon their request. Some of our major clients include Supreme Council for Media Regulation, Ministry of Education, World Bank, Swedish Institute Alexandria, World Endoscopy Organization, Institute for Diplomatic Studies, and more.

Tailored Programs

Contact us:

Telephone: 012.7000.1119 – 012.05141.999 – 20.2615.3480/3482/3490

Open Enrollment

Please visit us at the American University in Cairo, New Cairo Campus, Jameel Building, room P067 to register for your chosen course(s). Please bring:

- Copy of your national ID (for Egyptian participants) or passport (for international participants)

- Personal photos

- Payment. There are two payment methods: either pay the full amount (4,000 EGP for Egyptian participants or $400 for international participants) upon registration or pay a deposit (1000 EGP for Egyptian participants or $100 for international participants) upon registration and the rest of the fees on the first day of class.

Digital Media Diploma

Application documents

  • 1 Stamped and scanned graduation certificate بالتقدير or GPA (المجموع التراكمي)

  • 1 Scanned copy of Passport/national ID

  • 1 Scanned personal photo size 4 x 6 cm

  • 1 Stamped and scanned شهادة خبرة مجمعة لمدة عامين (لو اكثر من مكان عمل خلال العامين، تقدم شهادة خبرة من كل جهة)

  • CV

  • Valid credit card to pay the application fee online

Acceptance Process

After the applicant fills out the application and pays the application fee, a committee will examine the application and submitted documents. Based on this, the committee will make the decision to accept the applicant into the program or reject the application. In both cases, the applicant will be notified of the committee’s decision, with justification.


Admission Requirements

  • A bachelor’s degree from a recognized university with a minimum grade of “good” or a minimum grade point average of 2.75.
  • For applicants who graduated from university with an overall grade of “pass” two years of professional work experience is required.

Open Enrollment:

Fees per course are 4,000 EGP for Egyptian participants and $400 for international participants.

Digital Media Diploma:

  • The cost of each course is 3,840 EGP for Egyptian participants and $225 for international participants
  • The cost of the graduation project is 2,560 EGP for Egyptian participants and $150 for international participants
  • The total cost of the diploma is 21,760 EGP for Egyptian participants and $1275 for international participants
  • The cost for the application is 200 EGP for all participants