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PPAD Working Paper

The Working Paper Series was initiated in the fall of 2016 with the objective of giving work in progress by GAPP academics, and researchers access to the wider national, regional and international group of scholars, professionals, intellectuals, policy-makers and implementers.

The Working Paper Series welcomes submissions by all members of this community, including graduate students who want to engage in a critical analysis of the juncture of theory and practice-informed community in order to engage a critical analysis of the juncture of theory and practice.

Series 1 - Egypt's Response to the Syrian Refugee Crisis

What did the Egyptian government do, in terms of public policy and administration decisions, to respond to the Syrian refugee influx, and why?

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Series 2 - Spoiling Power

The purpose of this article is to examine the strategic logic behind a yearlong campaign of sabotage on electrical infrastructure in Egypt. This campaign was reported to have damaged 'hundreds' of high-tension towers, sub-stations and power transformers, and caused upwards of $60 million in economic losses.

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Series 3 - Towards more pedestrian-friendly streets in Cairo

This study explores the factors that would make the streets of Cairo more inviting and adaptable for use by pedestrians.

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Series 4 - Educational Quality Efforts in Primary Schools in Egypt

This paper investigates the challenges of achieving educational quality in public primary schools in Egypt with a specific focus on readability issues.


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Series 5 - Foreign Aid and the Health Sector in Palestine

This study concentrates on Foreign Aid (FA) in the health sector in Palestine during the period following the establishment of the Palestinian National Authority in 1994

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Series 6 - Egyptian-Ethiopian Water Relations: Cooperation Beyond the Nile

The paper investigates the possibilities of conflict and cooperation in the future of the Egyptian-Ethiopian water relations

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Series 7 - Local Versus Global Environmental Degradation: Investigating the Environmental Kuznets Curve in Egypt

This study aims to investigate the relationship between CO2 emissions per capita, SO2 quantities in air and the GDP per capita by estimating two separate models employing the Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) technique

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Series 8 - On the Spending of Government Stimulus Checks and COVID-19: Empirical Evidence Using Microdata from the U.S.

This research examines the determinants of US households’ decision to use government stimulus checks during the pandemic, on three distinct categories: saving, spending, and paying off debt. This is a timely topic given the increasing interest in the role of government in stimulating the economy amid systemic risks that affect all industries, such as the COVID-19 pandemic.

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