Experiential Learning and Training

At PPAD, we know that experiential learning is core to the important work of molding future change agents who will be able to lead initiatives and create policies that will truly leave a lasting impact on global societies. Our faculty are committed to creating curricula that move beyond classroom walls, leveraging their diverse expert networks to infuse their coursework with opportunities for real-world experience.

Students have the opportunity to engage with notable public leaders from a myriad of social sectors and complete assignments that immerse students in the critical work of policymaking bodies and civil service organizations. Outside of the classroom, our department is dedicated to curating one-of-a-kind learning opportunities, such as university events and internship programs aimed at broadening students’ networks and further enriching their academic experience at PPAD.

PPAD training students talking

Course-Based Excursions and Site Visits

Students have the opportunity to immerse in the world of public management and policy-making through excursions and site visits organized by faculty.

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Mini-Workshops and Events

PPAD also curates a series of workshops, panel discussions, and lectures that prompt students to reflect on critical topics in public policy and administration.

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Student Competitions

PPAD prepares graduates to apply their learnings in the global job market by providing countless opportunities for students to engage in international events and competitions.

Networking Event

Student-Alumni Networking

PPAD is dedicated to cultivating strong ties between its student and alumni communities, continuously carving out spaces for networking and hosting events.