CMRS is a multidisciplinary regional center of graduate education, research, and outreach on international Migration at the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP). 

It works on establishing linkages between education and research by building the capacity of students and young researchers to create a pool of qualified researchers and practitioners in refugee and migration from the region.

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CMRS Announcements and News


  • Announcing CMRS upcoming summer short courses, to learn more click here

  • The study Review of national policy legislative and regulatory frameworks and practice in Egypt: A baseline study on the access of refugees and asylum seekers to the labor market carried out by CMRS under the PROSPECT partnership is now available online.

  • Launching the MENA Statelessness PlatformCMRS along with five other academic and advocacy organizations officially launched the MENA Statelessness platform, the first platform to end statelessness in the MENA region and strengthen research and advocacy. The aim of the platform is to present stateless people, researchers, experts, activists, NGOs, government officials and journalists with information related to statelessness. It also aims to shed light on the work of organizations and individuals involved in topics related to stateless people in the region. The goal is to create a network on statelessness in the MENA region, which will serve as a hub for organizations and individual experts to work together in hopes of reducing statelessness. Click here to read more



Programs Offered

CMRS offers a Master of Arts (MA) in Migration and Refugee Studies as well as a Graduate Diploma in the same field. Both are interdisciplinary programs that provide graduates with critical knowledge, research methods, and analytical skills on current theoretical, legal, political, economic, sociological, demographic, and psychosocial issues in the fields of migration and refugee studies. 
The knowledge and skills acquired may be applied in careers within institutions such as governmental, non-governmental, and international agencies, as well as universities, research organizations, and private corporations dealing with the multitude of issues connected with migration and refugee movements.


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Master of Arts in Migration and Refugee Studies (MA)

The MA in migration and refugee studies is an interdisciplinary degree program with a thesis track, which requires the completion of eight courses, that aim to provide graduates with critical knowledge, research methods and analytical skills of current theoretical, legal, political, economic, social, demographic and psychological issues in migration and refugee studies.
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Graduate Diploma in Migration and Refugees Studies

The Graduate Diploma in Migration and Refugee studies is a non-thesis track program, comprised of the exact same courses as the Masters of Arts (MA). However, unlike the MA which requires the completion of eight courses, the diploma requires the completion of only six courses (4 core courses and 2 electives).
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CMRS produces and disseminates important research results that contribute to
building knowledge on migration and refugee issues, supporting policy-making and
contribute to the debate on international mobility. The findings of
CMRS’ research projects are regularly published in the framework of the series
Cairo Studies on Migration and Refugees


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Cairo Studies on Migration and Refugees

The center tackles all issues concerning migrants and refugees in the region and beyond paying particular attention to emerging issues in the field. Given the geographical location of the center and most migratory movements take place between southern countries, the center pays particular attention to issues concerning south-south migration. 


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Mixed Migration Network of Scholars

With funding from the International Organization for Migration, CMRS is bringing together scholars from the MENA region to form an academic network on mixed migration issues. Within the framework of the network, a number of policy briefs are produced on issues related to mixed migration with the hope of informing policy in the region.

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The Egyptian Migration Hub (EHUB)

CMRS established the first hub on Egyptian migration. The hub is bringing together Egyptian policymakers, Egyptian and international practitioners in the field of international migration, journalists, and academics to share experiences, build confidence, and form a common baseline of understanding of the context and the policy options available. The hub was officially launched in June, 2022 and funded by the European Commission.

CMRS Specialized Training

Through its outreach and training activities, CMRS promotes lifelong learning and continuing education to its graduates, members of international organizations working in the field of migration and refugees and to the migrants and refugees themselves

Our Resources

Resources for Students and Researchers working on Migration and Refugee issues

CMRS Database

CMRS Database is a comprehensive location where migration and refugee research material (especially, but not exclusively) on the Middle East region is compiled. This database aims to facilitate research by bringing together legal authorities (international treaties, regional agreements and national legislation), analytical sources and academic publications and statistical figures in one location to be accessed by researchers with interest in this field of study.

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