Student Activities


“Know Thy Country" 6 trip to Suhag (March 30-31, 2018)

In collaboration with Dr. Khaled Abdelhalim; Assistant Professor of Urban Policy in the department. Within his class; Local Economic Development Course, Dr. Khaled is taking his students to Sohag Governorate. The main objective of the visit was to evaluate the local economic development process in Suhag. 

The visit included Filed visits to; Caw Breeding Project in Deabat, the handicraft cluster in Akhmeim, touristic sites (Akhmiem Temple – Hawawiesh Cemeteries), the industrial zone in Kaother. The group also met the investor association, the manager of the industrial zone and the governorate LED team.


PPAD Alumni Iftar (May 22nd, 2018)

The department organized its PPAD Alumni Iftar on May 22nd in the Oriental Hall, AUC Tahrir campus. It was of a great success and was attended by large number of alumni, PPAD faculty and the dean of the school.
Students also had the chance to present themselves and shared their career experience with the attendees.