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BA in Communication and Media Arts (CMA)

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Communication and media arts (CMA) program combines solid communication skills with emerging technologies to prepare students for careers in communication and media or for advanced study. Today’s communication and media professionals need to have a broad background in both traditional and new media and to understand the impact of the convergence of these media on society. Whether a course deals with electronic media, communication theory, video production or radio, the program is designed to encourage students to enhance and develop their capacities for critical thinking, creative expression, and communication skills to expand their ability to participate in the communication-driven world of the 21st century.

By combining media practice with communication theory, this degree covers a broad spectrum of critical perspectives on the media and introduces a range of contemporary media practices. Consistent with the mission of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, the program encompasses a number of interdisciplinary courses.

The goal of this major is to produce well-rounded students who are knowledgeable about contemporary media theories and research issues, with excellent writing, production and presentation skills, and who are critical thinkers and writers. 


Watch Firas Al-Atrqchi, Chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, talking about the program.


Graduates of CMA are prepared for successful careers in many fields including television, radio, film and music industries, broadcasting, the press, Internet-based communication, publishing, media management, advertising and public relations. CMA graduates will also be well-positioned to pursue further graduate studies.     

Types of Companies 
Graduates of this program work in companies working in fields of radio, television, production companies, digital media agencies, news agencies, media agencies and consultancies, press and communication offices.

Professional Positions 
Graduates of this program hold positions such as director of communications, social media manager, marketing manager, program presenter, editor, media director or manager, critic, columnist, section head, editor-in-chief, commentator, designer, ad campaign manager, producer.

Academic Positions

IMC graduates work in the academic field of teaching and research of media and social communication.

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