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Keep up-to-date with all the latest GAPP news and events


Keep up-to-date with all the latest GAPP news and events

JRMC Faculty Participate in AEJMC Conference

JRMC faculty were well represented in the recent annual convention of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). Faculty members won several awards, presented seven papers and participated in at least five panels, while also serving the organization in a variety of ways. 

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Muslim American Advocacy

Brian J. Bowe recently published a new co-authored study about Muslim American advocacy in the Q1 Journal of public relations research. The article, “An appeal to shared values: framing and moral persuasion in the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ press releases,” was co-authored with Derek Moscato of Western Washington University and Mariam Alkazemi of Virginia Commonwealth University. 

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Conclusion of the ‘Can Do Refugees’ Project

AUC is happy to announce the conclusion of the Erasmus+ funded “Can Do Refugees” program that started in 2018. The project aimed at supporting and empowering professionals and volunteers working with refugees, asylum seekers, and more generally, people with a migrational background through practical tools and innovative methods to enhance professional development in terms of knowledge, skills and competencies.  

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Law in Practice

law in practice

Assembling the first archive of international law practice in the Arab world

The everyday work is truly exciting. First, there is the conceptual task of organizing the practice of international law across 22 countries into categories and fields. Then, there is the Herculean task of discovering relevant data among the sea of available public documents. Third, there is the scientific work of selecting, annotating, characterizing, connecting and analyzing information. Then, there are the many pleasures and challenges of teamwork.

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  • The Photographic Gallery is delighted to announce its first exhibition for the Fall Semester: Land of Unrealized Dreams, a duo exhibition by Ali Zaraay and Ahmad Gaber on September 15, 2021.
  • To all our GAPP Alumni, we know that you are out there making achievements, publishing articles, and getting rewarded. We strongly encourage you to share with us your achievements or publications so we can share them with the AUC community, send us at
  • Rasha Abdulla, Professor of Journalism and Mass Communication has joined the Board of Directors of Global Voices – an international Internet advocacy organization. Read more>>
  • Check out the latest GAPP Public Policy Briefs Issue 15  
  • Professor, Rasha Abdulla, was featured in a special interview on platform content moderation in the global South for the Columbia Journalism Review's Galley platform. The full interview is featured here.
  • In her first column for Al-Shorouk, Nadine El Sayed discussed the sexist commentary female players received at the Olympics from Arabic commentators. El Sayed also published a news feature last week discussing Algeria’s wildfires in the global climate change context. The feature looks at how this summer’s wildfires in Algeria and Tunisia serve as warnings against the potential effects of global warming.


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The Cairo Review

The Cairo Review of Global Affairs is the quarterly journal of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) at American University in Cairo (AUC). Its primary aim is to be a focal point for policymakers, officials, academics, experts, journalists, students, and others in the Middle East region who follow global affairs. It is also intended to be a platform that gives perspectives from the region a greater voice in international policy conversations and debates.

Discussion paper series

GAPP Discussion Paper Series

The key objective of GAPP Discussion Paper Series is to provide a platform whereby work in progress by the GAPP and international research community can be made accessible to the wider national, regional and international group of scholars, professionals, intellectuals, policy-makers and implementers. The Discussion Paper Series welcomes submission by all members of these communities including graduate students, who want to engage a critical analysis of the juncture of theory and practice.

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The Caravan

The Caravan has been the student newspaper at AUC since 1921. Since then, it has graduated hundreds of young ambitious journalists who have gone on to career-defining jobs at Reuters, AP, CNN, the Washington Post, Al Arabiya, Bloomberg, Daily News Egypt, DMC, CBC and others. Every semester, Caravan reporters learn to broaden their horizon by reporting on things familiar and new.