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John Charles Roedel

Tell us about yourself/background?

My recent work has focused on the intersection of politics and religion, especially when it involves violence. I am also a practicing psychotherapist, so I have gotten some perspective on violence and nonviolence at the personal level. My clinical work and academic work have continued to influence each other. After graduating, I hope to teach and write, as well as continue to practice as a therapist.

Why did you choose to study the Middle East?

Unfortunately for the Middle East, the region is currently a violent hotspot of politics and religion. At the same time, I also believe that the philosophies, religions and cultures of the region offer unique resources for a healing non-violence path, both here and globally.

What are the benefits of pursuing a MEST degree in Cairo?

Cairo is the cultural center of the Arab world, and it is hard for me to imagine pursuing the interests I have and not coming to Cairo. Cairo, like AUC, has been a bridge to new and exciting ways of l