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Middle East Studies MA - FAQs

Arabic Requirements

The equivalent of one year of Arabic study ALNG 1101-1102-1103 is required for full admission to the MA program in Middle East studies. 

Students who have not reached this level of Arabic and meet all other admission requirements will be granted provisional admission. They may study Arabic at AUC or at any other institution in Egypt or anywhere else. We strongly encourage such students to take a summer of intensive Arabic at AUC, if places are available in the program, or at another institution in Cairo. Among the schools with such courses in Cairo are International Language Institute, Kalimat, Cordoba and Dar Carbone.

You do not have to take Arabic courses at AUC. Some students opt to study Arabic at the British Council or the International Language Institute here in Cairo. 

This depends on your Arabic level at the time of admission. Arabic courses may be taken in the summer session before your first semester and/or between your first and second year. Refer to the Arabic Language Requirements table to assess how long it may take to reach your required level.

Graduate students are eligible to take the exam twice per semester to fulfill graduation requirements or entrance procedures. Arrangements between graduate student departments and the ALNG unit may be conducted upon request.

In order to obtain the MA / Diploma, each candidate must demonstrate proficiency in Modern Standard Arabic up to the completion of ALNG 1101-1102-1103, in addition to the standard university requirements in English.

MA Vs Diploma

The diploma program consists of five courses to be taken in one year, and the MA is a two-year program with ten courses (or eight and a thesis). 

The MA without a thesis consists of 10 graduate courses and the equivalent of ALNG 103 (Intermediate, 12 credits). The MA with a thesis consists of eight graduate courses and the equivalent of ALNG 103 (Intermediate, 12 credits).

The diploma program is designed to allow you to finish all the requirements in two semesters.

Thesis Requirement and Preparation

Students who do not wish to submit a thesis may, as an alternative, complete two further courses and take comprehensive exams. This alternative is most appropriate for students who are not intending to continue their academic careers at the doctoral level.