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Middle East Studies Program

The Middle East Studies program offers students the opportunity to study the Middle East right in the heart of the Arab world. Being a part of one of the most international environments at AUC, we excel at offering educational opportunities throughout specialty centers and departments, including Arabic.

About Middle East Studies Program 

The Middle East Studies program draws upon various methods and disciplines of study. The interdisciplinary nature of the Area Studies program provides students with exposure to a variety of curricula offered by the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. Students are given the unique opportunity to study the Middle East through an array of historical, sociological, political and economic frameworks. Our mission is a vivid expression of the horizons of a liberal arts education which  provides students with academic credentials and firsthand knowledge to pursue careers in academia, diplomacy and the nonprofit sector, as well as business, finance, public relations, journalism and cultural affairs. 

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Syria Reader

The Syria Reader is a document-based compendium on the Syrian crisis. The digital library serves as a research tool for practitioners and scholars of issues related to policy surrounding the Syrian crisis and regional security in the Middle East. The approximately 400 official documents housed in the digital compendium date back to the beginning of the crisis and mark significant points in the political process.

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Middle East Studies Program

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