Yousef Jameel GAPP Public Leadership Program

Youssef Jamil Event

We believe in the power of the story. Stories articulate experiences and engagements, they have the power to inspire, stimulate, and motivate. We are very proud to share the story of one of our Yousef Jameel fellows; Alamir Othman.

I’m from Alexandria. I studied political science at Cairo University but pursued a career in diplomatic communications after the 2011 revolution. I joined the communications team at the British Embassy in Cairo where I believed the Jameel Fellowship will help me strengthen my academic skills in public policy and government communications. As a practitioner in the field, I used my practical knowledge to inform my research interest and vice versa. It was great to study what I do and apply what I study. It worked perfectly for me.

I moved to Dubai in 2017 for a higher position within the same organization (The British Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office “FCDO”). I consider myself an ambassador for the Jameel Fellowship and the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy in (GAPP) in AUC. I remain grateful for the opportunity and committed to support the Alumni network, and current and future colleagues.

My educational journey was not easy. I had a very demanding job. I used to finish at 4:00 pm, run to catch the bus from Tahrir, take a quick nap during the journey, then buy some coffee to refresh myself quickly and engage in classes that finish around 10:30 pm, run again to catch the last bus to Zamalek where I lived, and then work on my readings and assignments. I had almost no social life back then but it sure paid off. I am proud of completing the degree last summer after so many life challenges, and after changing my job and leaving Egypt. Acquiring MA degree in Public Policy from GAPP at AUC is the jewel of the crown in my professional and academic journey so far!

If I would recall and describe a unforgettable part of the Yousef Jameel fellowship, it would be our study tour to China in January 2018. It was for sure a remarkable experience on both the academic and the human sides, full of cultural lessons and team bonding with the Jameel colleagues.”

You can be one the Yousef Jameel fellows and create your own story! Stay tuned for our application call. For more information, please visit our webpage on AUC website