The Sarah Seif Foundation

Adjunct Faculty Sarah Seif launched, on September 29, the Sarah Seif Foundation, a media youth empowerment foundation that aims to develop and empower careers for youth in the media and communications.

The foundation activities include career guidance, career consultations, capacity building programs, career recruitment services and on a later stage, media/communications innovations support and funding.

The foundation kicked off its activities by launching a job opportunity website for fresh graduates, students and juniors, as well as an online career consultation service.

This foundation is an outcome of multiple years of volunteerism, aiming at having a larger footprint of impact.

Sarah Seif is a former associate minister, communications consultant, specialist and instructor with 5+years of experience in communications. From academia to practice, Sarah has worked in advertising, public relations, crisis communications, public communications consultation as well as a University communications instructor and teaching assistant.

Sarah has been volunteering for over multiple years, in helping youth, students and fresh graduates develop their resumes, land jobs in communications field as well as offer career consultation for youth and students in the media and communication fields. She  also appeared on the official TV channel for the Ministry of Education (Madrasetna) talking about her foundation. She was also interviewed by Cairo24 to talk about the foundation.