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With Public Policy Papers and Animation Videos, The Public Policy HUB Participates in COP27

Public Policy HUB Participates in COP27 with Policy Papers and Animation Videos.

November 14, 2022

As part of the AUC’s delegation to COP27, Laila El Baradei, Public Policy HUB Principal Investigator, presented a brief about the work of the HUB and the current round of operation focusing on Climate Change.

A brief synopsis was given about the five policy papers and briefs developed by the different research teams composed mostly of GAPP school’s graduate students and alumni. A sample of the advocacy videos, developed in-house by the Public Policy HUB”s media team led by Ghadeer Ibrahim, were also presented. The policy papers tackled climate change-related topics, such as: the effect of climate change on agriculture and on tourism, how to have more sustainable cities, the need for more coordination when localizing climate change efforts, and the way forward for better monitoring and evaluation of climate change efforts.

Guests from different backgrounds arrived at the Pavilion to understand more about the work and policy research presented by The HUB and its policy recommendations for better adaptation and mitigation of climate change impacts. Among the visitors were: Ashraf El-Araby, Former Egypt’s Minister of Planning and International Cooperation, and Head of The National Planning Institute, Heba Nassar Professor of Economics at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science, at Cairo University, and Hala Abu Ali, professor of economics at the Faculty of Economics and Political Science. All were welcomed by Laila El-Baradei, Principal Investigator for The Public Policy HUB, and Ahmad Dallal, AUC President.

The Public Policy HUB is a project that started in 2017 at The School of Global Affairs and Public Policy at AUC, with the aim of fostering the production of evidence-based policy research that caters to real needs identified by governmental partners.