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Policy Briefs

Policy briefs address current issues pertaining to public policy, public administration, global affairs and development in Egypt and the MENA region, as well as in policy areas of interest to the community of PPAD/GAPP faculty and researchers.

Policy Issues

Measuring Social Equity: Three Overarching Steps

Policy Brief 28 

Sean McCandless

Gaza: The Imperative of a Just Peace for Palestine

Policy Brief 27

Noha El-Mikawy

"The Good, Bad, and Weak": Evaluating the Effectiveness of Six Asian Anti-Corruption Agencies

Policy Brief 26
Jon S. T. Quoh

Improving Adaptability in Democratic Systems 

Policy Brief 25
Alasdair Roberts

Innovations and development, need bureaucracy

Policy Brief 24

Rainer Kattel, Wolfgang Drechsler, Erkki Karo

Health Policy Design

Policy Brief 23
M Ramesh

A Modest Case For Scholarly Nationalism

Policy Brief 22

Alasdair Roberts

Opportunities in the Midst of Global Uncertainty: Evolving Implications for a Research Agenda

Policy Brief 21

Noha El-Mikawy

Shedding Light on Resilience Policy: Case Studies from Egypt, India, and the UK

Policy Brief 20

Noura Wahby, Albert Sanghoon Park, and Rekha Bhangaonkar

The Climate-Gender Nexus: A Deep Dive into the Egyptian Women’s Agricultural Sector

Policy Brief 19

Logine Ahmed and Yehia Shaheen

Are Cities the Causes of or the Solutions to Climate Change?

Policy Brief 18

José A. Puppim de Oliveira

Enlightened Arab Governance

Policy Brief 17

Nabil Fahmy

No Good Deed Should Go Unpunished: Managing Paradoxes of Public Work Arising from COVID-19

Policy Brief 16

James L. Perry

COVID-19 Crisis in the Developing Countries: Some Critical Areas to Address

Policy Brief 15

Hasan Muhammad Baniamin

Institutional Trust and its Implications for Governance in Developing Countries

Policy Brief 14
Ishtiaq Jamil

Traditions in Public Administration and Development

Policy Brief 13
Jose A. Puppim de Oliveira

The Future of Governance for Societal Security and Crisis Management

Policy Brief 12

Per Lægreid

The Future of Governance in Developing Countries

Policy Brief 11
B. Guy Peters

Egypt’s Broadcast Media Code of Ethics: Navigating Government Views and Professional Needs

Policy Brief 10
Rasha Allam

International Cooperation in Responsibility-Sharing for Refugees in the Euro-Mediterranean Space

Policy Brief 9
Ibrahim Awad and Nourhan Abdelaziz

The Failed Legacy of UN Resolution 181: Sacrificing Palestinian rights for political expediency

Policy Brief 8
Nabil Elaraby

President Trump’s First Hundred Days: An Egyptian Perspective

Policy Brief 7
Mohamed Tawfik

The League of Arab States and the Amman Summit: What next?

Policy Brief 6
Nassif Hitti

Unleashing the Potentials of Youth Employment Programs in Egypt

Policy Brief 5
Ghada Barsoum

Egypt’s New Regulatory Media System: Challenges and Opportunities

Policy Brief 4
Rasha Allam

A Renewed Detente or a Cold War Revisited

Policy Brief 3
Magda Shahin and Reda Shehata

The Two-State Solution After Trump

Policy Brief 2
Allison Hodgkins

A Reading of Recent Developments in the EU and Implications for Good Governance Reform in Egypt and MENA

Policy Brief 1 
Shahjahan Bhuiyan and Artan Karini