Customized Programs

The Executive Education offered through the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy provides programs tailored to the specific needs of organizations. On-site training sessions and site visits are also provided upon request.

  • Working to enhance the capacities of the NCW leaders is in effect working toward promoting women’s rights and advancing the status of women in Egypt. EWNCW works on capacity building for NCW general secretariat and the council members.

  • The program is mainly to raise the capacities of researchers to improve their skills and competencies through a five-day course and will work on enhancing participants’ basic knowledge of how to conduct, develop and present research, in addition to learning new techniques to improve data management and analytical methods and tools. Qualitative research and analysis methods will be the main focus. The course aims to assist participants improve their research skills needed for policy briefs and studies; with a focus on qualitative research.

  • The program is mainly to raise capacities of researchers to improve their skills and competencies through five-day course and will be offered to the leading researchers, with the aim of empowering them with the different methods for observational (analytic and descriptive) studies. This will help in supporting the decision-making process in alignment with Egypt Vision 2030, with a quantitative research focus. The course aims to assist participants improve their research skills needed for policy briefs and studies; with a quantitative research focus.

  • This program is offered in collaboration with AUC's School of Continuing Education and the University of New Mexico for students of UNM.


  • GAPP Executive Education in collaboration with United Nations Department of Political Affairs, worked with the Institute for Diplomatic Studies of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs to offer the Multilateral Diplomacy, Negotiations and Mediation program. The program offers new Egyptian diplomatic attaches the basic understanding of the United Nations and how the Department of Political Affairs approaches mediation and conflict prevention, which would be useful in their future careers given how closely Egypt works with the United Nations. Dina Wafa, Director GAPP Executive Education, explained that this fourth year of continuous service with the Institute in our belief in the importance of working to reinforce and reinvigorate leadership capacities in Egypt and the region.

    The program was interactive with simulations on mediation. The young attaches met with several experts in the field including Richard Dictus, UN Resident Coordinator; Ihab Moustafa Awad former Deputy Permanent Representative of Egypt to the UN in New York; Mr. Emmanuel Habuka Bombande former Ghana Deputy Foreign Minister; Mr. Dmitry Shlapachenko Team Leader for the Horn of Africa in the UN Department of Political Affairs. Over the course of the program, several pertinent issues were deliberated building on the expertise of the speakers, including the UN Peace Architecture, Functioning of the security council, conflict analysis, mediation partnership and process design. Additionally, Ambassadors Karim Haggag and Aly Erfan shared case studies and essential critical analytical skills.

  • GAPP Executive Education, in cooperation with the International Programs Office, is hosting 20 students from Tsinghua University from January 22 to February 4, 2018. The visit is part of the Tsinghua University undergraduate overseas study program, the Global South Culture Immersion Series. Tsinghua University students will receive 2 credit hours for the program, which is positioned as an exposure course to Egypt, aiming to give students an overall understanding of Egypt’s economy, society, religions and cultures.

  • GAPP Executive Education will be hosting a group of 21 students from Peking University (PKU) January 16 - 23, 2018.  In return, PKU will host GAPP Jameel fellows during their study tour.
    The PKU students' visit is considered part of the China-Arabia Multicultural Exchange Link (CAMEL) project. CAMEL is a Sino-Arab cultural exchange program affiliated to Peking University Students’ International Communication Association. The delegation consists of top students from Peking University, as well as visiting students from Stanford/UC Berkeley.

  • GAPP Executive Education delivers the Supporting Parliamentary Performance program (SPP) to members of the Egyptian Parliament. The one-year program works in coordination with committee heads. SPP aims to support some of the Economic Parliamentary Committees in effectively engaging in planning, parliamentary oversight and assessment of economic policies and programs. SPP will be targeting members of the following standing committees:

    Committee on Economic Affairs
    Committee on Budget and Planning
    Committee on Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises
    Committee on Industry
    The program falls within the capacity building of the decision makers’ framework that GAPP Executive Education, coupled with the Danish Egyptian Dialogue Institute (DEDI) and the Global Partners Governance (GPG) has been working on. 

  • Empowerment of Women through Parliament is a program designed to empower women in the Egyptian parliament to advocate and influence policy and decision making processes to advance the status of Egyptian women. The program is composed of three modules focused on capacity building for public speaking and gender mainstreaming for members of parliament and staff members.

    Module I: Public Speaking

    This module is dedicated to capacity building on the art of communication in the parliament and the media.

    Module II: Fostering Gender Mainstreaming in Legislation

    This module is dedicated to capacity building on mainstreaming gender in public policies and legislation.

    Module III: Networking and Coalition Building

    This module is dedicated to capacity building on networking and coalition building and creating dialogue.

  • A customized program for the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Information Technology Industry Development Agency and National Telecommunication Regulatory Authority.

  • A customized program for the Information and Decision Support Center

  • A customized program for the Ministry of Justice

  • A customized program offered for entry-level Egyptian diplomatic attachés at the Institute for Diplomatic Studies

  • A customized program offered for the Information and Decision Support Center

  • A customized program offered for the League of Arab States

  • A series of customized workshops for the AUC Office of Training and Development