BA in Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC)

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Integrated marketing communication (IMC) is the integration of all marketing communication tools under one strategic communication focus. It takes all communication tools from working in isolation to complementing each other, with the objective of communicating one unified message from the organization (or the brand) to its target consumers. 

The objective of IMC is to manage all organizational communication in an integrated fashion and to build positive relationships between the organization on one hand and its customers and other stakeholders, such as employees, board members, the media, and society at large. Consistent with the mission of the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, the program encompasses a number of interdisciplinary courses.

Students majoring in IMC gain skills and experience in all aspects of the marketing communication process through both theoretical learning and hands-on experience. Components of the program include exposure to the fundamentals of strategic planning, media research, budgeting, creative strategy, creative development, media planning, production, modern corporate image, branding, social responsibility, event marketing, sales promotions, direct marketing, and public relations.

Watch Firas Al-Atrqchi, Chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, talking about the program.

Types of Companies 
Graduates of this program work in companies working in fields of radio, television, production companies, digital media agencies, news agencies, media agencies and consultancies, press and communication offices.

Professional Positions 
Graduates of this program hold positions such as director of communications, social media manager, marketing manager, program presenter, editor, media director or manager, critic, columnist, section head, editor-in-chief, commentator, designer, ad campaign manager, producer.

Academic Positions

IMC graduates work in the academic field of teaching and research of media and social communication.

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