About The HUB

The Public Policy HUB is an initiative developed at the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy (GAPP) in October 2017.

It provides the mechanism by which the good ideas, plausible answers, and meaningful solutions to Egypt’s chronic and acute policy dilemmas that are proposed by the country’s best minds, the experienced and the creative from different age brackets, can be nurtured, discussed, debated, refined, tested and presented to policymakers in a format that is systematic, highly-visible and most likely to have a lasting impact.

It is designed to develop a cadre of well-informed and seasoned policy developers and advocates, while simultaneously fostering and promoting creative solutions to the challenges facing Egypt today.

The aim of the project is to provide a processing unit or hub where policy teams are formed on a regular basis, combining experienced policy scholars/mentors with young creative policy analysts, provide them with the needed resources, training, exposure, space, tools, networks, knowledge and contacts to enable them to come up with the sound, rigorous and yet creative policy solutions that have a greater potential to be effectively advocated and communicated to the relevant policymakers and to the general public.