Bowe to Present Four Papers at AEJMC

Professor Brian J. Bowe

Associate Professor Brian J. Bowe will be presenting four papers at the upcoming Association for Education in Journalism Education (AEJMC) conference in August.

Two papers were based on an ongoing project Bowe is conducting with colleagues at L’Institut de Presse et des Sciences de l’Information (IPSI) in Tunisia, which is supported by a grant from the U.S. State Department. One paper, titled "Digital Natives, Nascent Democracy: Tunisian Pre-Professional Journalists’ Uses and Perceptions of Social Media," was written with Prof. Carolyn Nielsen (Western Washington University) and Prof. Arwa Kooli (IPSI). The other paper, "Tunisian and U.S. Journalism Students: A Comparison of Journalism Degree Motivations and Role Conceptions," was written by Bowe, Kooli, Nielsen and Professor Robin Blom (Ball State University).

Bowe and Blom collaborated with Ball State graduate student Elena Lazoff on a paper titled "Internship Practices in Journalism and Mass Communication Programs: A review of ACEJMC-accredited programs."

Bowe and Blom collaborated with Prof. Lucinda D. Davenport (Michigan State University) on a paper titled "The Future of the Field: Journalism Degree Motivations, Roles and Relevance of the Field."

The AEJMC annual conference will be held virtually this year, as a result of the ongoing pandemic.