AUC-Penn State Collaboration


We are very proud to announce the latest collaboration between AUC and Penn State Professor Hesham Dinana and Professor Nicolas Hamelin have officially joined the EDGE( Experiential Digital Global Engagement) program with PennState University.

AUC students will be paired with Penn State students during a 6 to 8 weeks project to develop a digital marketing campaign in support of a global export plan. AUC partaking with Penn State University EDGE Program is a great opportunity for students to boost their intercultural communication and global business skills. AUC participation in EDGE contributes positively to fostering internationalization – a requirement by most accreditation bodies. Internationalization of higher education enhances the students learning experience and their grasp of the intricacy of our globalized world. EDGE collaborations have continued and will continue in the midst of our global pandemic and this is a great opportunity for AUC students to give them more exposure that does not require traveling. This is an opportunity to get exposed to different cultures and discuss current global issues and suggest possible solutions all through the use of technology.

Before you begin to EDGE, you will need to go through the online training to learn about EDGE. The training modules will guide you through understanding what EDGE is, how to develop a collaboration with international faculty, learning about other academic and social cultures, building student engagement, using technology to connect across borders, creating and assessing a collaborative project, and even continuing the collaboration.   For more about the EDGE Program, please click here