Research Links

Arabic Language Resources

Aswaat Arabiyya

A University of Texas at Austin website designed for students and teachers of Arabic. This site provides listening materials and accompanying activities for various levels of proficiency.

Arabic Verb Conjugation Chart

A quick PDF reference guide to Arabic verb conjugation.

Arabic Verb Forms Chart

A quick PDF reference guide to first ten verb forms as classified by Hans Wehr.

Arabic Language and Linguistics (E-Book)

Includes recent research in Arabic linguistics from a theoretical point of view, including computational linguistics, syntax, semantics and historical linguistics. 

Basic Arabic words with English meaning

It’s always a good idea to familiarise yourself with the local language, which in the case of Egypt is Arabic.

Global Language Online Support System

Lessons developed by the Defense Language Institute for independent learners.


Database of authentic Arabic TV broadcasts.

Resources on the Quran and Islam

Encyclopedia of the Quran

Encyclopedic dictionary of Quranic terms, concepts, personalities, place names, cultural history and exegesis extended with essays on important themes and subjects within quranic studies.

Quran Explorer

Listen to Quran recitation and translation in Arabic, English and Urdu.

The Quran: Translation

English translation of the Quran by Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

The Quran: A Brief History

Spans Islamic history from the life of Muhammad and the birth of Islamic ideals, through Islam’s geographical expansion and cultural development, to the creation of modern states and its role in today’s global society. 




An independent ezine produced by the Arab Studies Institute (ASI). Jadaliyya combines local knowledge, scholarship, and advocacy with an eye to audiences in the United States, the Arab world, and beyond. Posts are published in both Arabic and in English.

The Middle East Magazine

Provides expert commentary on wide-ranging issues in the Arab world. Combines business coverage and regional analysis with current affairs, cultural and lifestyle features.

The Middle East Channel

A non-partisan news site produced by It is edited by Marc Lynch of George Washington University and the Project on Middle East Political Science, Daniel Levy, and Leila Hilal.


Archive-It: North Africa and the Middle East 2011-2012

Documents the events in Northern Africa and the Middle East starting in January 2011. Content includes blogs, social media and news sites.

Travelers in the Middle East

A digital archive that focuses on Western interactions with the Middle East. Includes images, texts, maps, geographical information systems, and research and teaching guides. 

Jara’id- Zentrum Moderner Orient

A chronology of 19th-century periodicals in Arabic.