MA Theses


The following MA students are currently researching within the center:

"The Impact of Visual Texture Productions on the Lebanese Postmemory Generation"
Mohamed Gameel

"The Making of Modern Egyptian Men"
Passant Darwish

Recently completed MAs:

"Representations of Palestine in Egyptian Cinema"
Claire Elizabeth Begbie, 2019

"The Vertical Integration of Youth in United Nations Peacebuilding: Exploring Peacebuilding in Sierra Leone and Lebanon"
Jessie Ellen Steinhauer, 2019

"Nonviolent Jihad: An Immanent Critique"
John Charles Roedel, 2018

"The Druze-Maronite sectarian clash in the War of the Mountain (1983-1984): The resilience of mid-nineteenth century Maronite-Druze enmities in the Druze collective memory and its impact on the dynamics and consequences of Harb Al Jabal"
Lara Moenes Mikhail, 2018

"Surviving ISIS: Life-Stories of Yazidi Women"
Marian Rizkalla, 2018

"Cross-Mediterranean Egyptian Migrants: A Discursive Analysis"
Sara Hussein, 2018