The Middle East Studies Center (MESC), a part of The American University in Cairo's School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, offers students the opportunity to study the Middle East right in the heart of the Arab world. Being a part of one of the most international environments at AUC, we excel at offering educational opportunities throughout specialty centers and departments, including Arabic. Students are given academic advice by the center's director, provided with the opportunity to delve deeply into their chosen subject matter within a broad and within curriculum and have access to books from the largest English-language library in the region.

MESC's Goals:

  1. Establish AUC as a recognized regional and international leader in Middle East Studies
  2. Establish AUC as a recognized hub for expert comment, debate and recommendations concerning contemporary Middle East peace and security issues
  3. Expand faculty, visiting scholar and student enrolment in Middle East Studies and meet the demand for appropriate resources for training in the field
  4. Establish and strengthen relations between the Middle East Studies Center and other leading Middle East Studies centers/universities through international exchange programs, joint research projects
  5. Strengthen relations between the Middle East Studies Center and the Cairo/Egyptian/international community with regard to creating internship and job opportunities for our students and graduates, cooperation and financial support.

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