Affiliation Opportunities

Researchers and students interested in participating in research and gaining professional experience in the field of migration and refugee studies can be affiliated with CMRS according to the following two criteria:

CMRS Researchers and Research Assistants

Persons may be employed by CMRS to pursue a specific research project or work as research assistants on such a project. When such an opportunity exists, CMRS announces it and recruits from among a list of qualified applicants. Moreover, students interested in gaining experience in research can apply to volunteer for CMRS research projects.

CMRS Visiting Research Fellows and Scholars

Persons who are currently pursuing their PhD or interested in carrying out a specific research project as part of their studies or postdoctoral work in the area of migration or refugees can be affiliated with CMRS through AUC Scholars without Stipend program. Researchers interested in such affiliation should submit a letter of intent and proposal to the director of CMRS. The affiliation will be processed through the School of Global Affairs and Public Policy. 

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