BA in Multimedia Journalism (MJ)

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The journalism major involves the merging of the current print and broadcast sequences into a single (multimedia) journalism stream that exposes students to, and provides them with, basic skills for operating on all journalistic “platforms,” e.g. print, broadcast and the Internet. It also provides an intensive grounding in the basic reporting and writing skills needed for all aspects of journalism. Woven through the curriculum is a strong focus on journalism ethics and responsibility, as well as the important role journalism plays in a vibrant society.
The major is structured as a building process that moves students from the initial broad exposure to the field of mass communication and the essentials of writing in the JRMC core, to the development of journalistic writing and reporting skills. The entire sequence will be consciously infused with a visual sensibility.

The Multimedia Journalism major converges the disciplines of traditional and new media into a single stream which exposes students to and trains them to print, broadcast, digital and citizen journalism.

The major stresses basic news gathering, reporting and writing skills for multi-platform delivery, with a particular emphasis on the instantaneous dissemination advantages of social media.

The major is structured as a building process that moves students from the initial broad exposure to mass communication. The focus is on the essentials of media ethics and responsibilities and creating media professionals who will compete in any terrain around the world.

Watch Firas Al-Atrqchi, Chair of the Department of Journalism and Mass Communication, talking about the program.

Types of companies 
Graduates of multimedia journalism major work in newspapers, magazines, digital media agencies, news agencies, media agencies and consultancies, press and communication offices.

Professional positions 
Job opportunities of multimedia journalism major include opportunities as editor, reporter, photojournalist, correspondent, head of press, content manager, copywriter, social media manager, marketing manager, program presenter of the editor, media director or manager, critic, columnist, section head, editor-in-chief, commentator,  or scriptwriter.

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