Journalism and Mass Communication Minor

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Journalism and Mass Communication JRMC plays a major role in developing the region’s print, advertising and broadcast media. The program immerses its students in the industry to become perfectly in tune with the challenges and expectations they are to face. Many of the JRMC alumni succeed to hold positions in prestigious news outlets such as CNN, AP, DW, Reuters, The New York Times, International Herald Tribune, NBC and Reuters. Several alumni play key roles in the region's growing transnational media organizations, such as Al Jazeera, MBC, Dubai's Al Arabiya, Radio Sawa, Nile TV, MSNBC in Arabic and CNN Arabia.

The minor in journalism and mass communication provides the student with a basic exposure to news gathering and reporting skills, multi-media writing skills and other mass media cultures. 

A graduate of the program can work as an editor, reporter, photojournalist, correspondent, head of press, director of communications, content manager, copy- writer, social media manager, and marketing manager.

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