Diploma in International Human Rights Law (IHRL)

students working in classroom on project

The graduate diploma in international human rights law is intended for graduate students seeking to update their knowledge in human rights law and acquire the intellectual tools to advance academically and professionally. The diploma examines in-depth a range of topics in human rights and humanitarian law. With a flexible curriculum, students may shape their schedules to focus on their topics of interest. The fulfillment of the requirements of the IHRL diploma normally calls for two semesters of study.

  • Applicants to the IHRL diploma program should have an acceptable bachelor's degree in law, political science, or a closely related social science (preferably with a minor in political science or legal studies) and an overall grade of gayyid giddan or a grade point average of 3.0

    Admitted diploma candidates should normally start their course sequence in the fall semester.  Diploma students follow the exact academic cycle of the master's in international human rights law and justice. Graduating diploma students may choose to continue their study at the law department toward an MA in international human rights law. Fulfilling the credits requirement of the diploma normally calls for two semesters of study. Diploma candidates are not required to write a thesis.