Why Choose GAPP?


Our Vision

We aspire to be the premier School of Global Affairs and Public Policy in the Middle East and Africa, producing highly competent, knowledgeable professionals capable of quality decision making and execution on matters of public concern – domestically, regionally, and globally.   


Our Promise

We will prepare graduates to take the lead in shaping the future of their nation and the world at large, with a strong belief in the complementarity of international and public affairs, an unwavering commitment to ethics and the rule of law, and a recognition of the unique role played by the media in shaping public policies. 



The programs offered by GAPP are ranked among the top 10 in Africa and top 200 worldwide. Our alumni are among the most qualified in the region, blending outstanding professional skills with a deep understanding of the issues facing the Middle East and the world. The school offers a unique and stellar educational experience for its students, providing them with a strong curriculum that advocates critical thinking, experiential learning and community engagement. Our highly distinguished, international faculty members work to ensure a modern, robust education with hands-on experience in a rich academic, cultural and sociopolitical environment in Cairo, the center of the Middle East. Additionally, students at the School of GAPP have the chance to network with governmental agencies, nongovernmental organizations and influential think tanks in the region, and are able to participate in local and international conferences and events.

The School of GAPP has 3 Main Pillars:
  • Educating future leaders in enlightened governance
  • Exposure to World-Shaping Social, Economic and Political Developments 
  • Multidisciplinary Academic Foundations in Critical Policy Making Skills